Multi Stem Cell Nutrition – Formerly JDI / Cellaviv – Daily Multivitamin & Multimineral With Vita-Stim and Vitamin D3


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  • Formerly known as JDI Multivitamin/Multimineral — Multivitamin and Muiltimineral along with Stem Cell Nutrition Support is the first and only complete multivitamin and multimineral formulation to help rebuild your body using the body’s own natural renewal system of adult stem cells.
  • That means extra adult stem cells are released into your body from YOUR OWN bone marrow to improve ongoing repair. This happens while your body also absorbs the minimum daily requirements of the most commonly needed vitamins and minerals.
  • The product contains an added boost of Vitamin D3. The news about the need for Vitamin D3 above the usual 400 International Units is now common knowledge. It is among the first to give you the 1000 International Units per serving!
  • The Vita-Stim Concentrate is not a drug; it does not contain anything toxic or synthetic to our bodies. It does not contain any actual stem cells. It is a unique natural food supplement that supports your body’s natural renewal system by helping your body increase the release of adult stem cells.
  • In a bottle, there are 60 capsules, each containing 475 mg. of Vita-Stim, meaning just two capsules a day as a serving will last one month. Vita-Stim Stem Cell Nutrition is made not only to better life, but also to simplify it.